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Deloitte Engineering is a technical resource for engineers interested in how the engineering teams of Deloitte Consulting in the Netherlands solve large-scale technical challenges at our clients. The goal is to share knowledge and connect with the global engineering community.

We are a global firm with over nearly 350.000 professionals globally supporting clients with accountancy, tax advice, consulting, financial advice, and risk advice. Many of the competitive advantages our clients pursue require digital transformations that harness cloud, customer and marketing automation, data, and machine learning. While we take pride in truly understanding our client’s business, we also have great pride in the technical expertise to implement and operate the solutions we propose.

Trust, collaboration, and knowledge sharing are our core values which we drive within our engineering teams. We don’t want to keep all that knowledge and passion just to ourselves, we want to give back to the engineering community through Deloitte Engineering.

Please note however that the materials and blog posts on this website are solely provided for informational purposes to describe the work performed by the engineering teams of Deloitte Consulting B.V., to raise awareness and to encourage discussion. It is not intended to be a complete overview of the subject matter nor to be a specific professional recommendation.

Certain terms and conditions apply when visiting this website. Please visit our Disclaimer & Copyright page to learn more. Applying anything you have learned on this website yourself, without first obtaining expert guidance, will be solely at your own risk. If you have questions about any of the content of this website or scope of the subjects dealt with in this blog, we strongly advise you to consult an expert within Deloitte and obtain tailormade advice.

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