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18 May 2022

TrailblazerDX’22 Highlights

While Dreamforce is Salesforce’s flagship event aimed at everyone, TrailblazerDX is aimed at anyone who is actively building on the Salesforce platform. This means the content is focused on Salesforce from a technical point of view – getting deep into Salesforce’s feature demos, the product development roadmap, and exciting announcements – a Salesforce Trailblazer’s dream! Sessions are split into five ‘tracks’: Developer, Admin, Architect, Community & Ecosystem, and IT Leader Channel – plus a keynote, and other sessions such as Circles of Success, run by Salesforce employees.

The key highlights from this year’s edition were the following:

Flow Orchestrator, Flow Actions, Flow RPA, Flow in Slack, Tableau, Flow Integration(MuleSoft+ Flow), Hyperforce to be live in 16 countries by end of 2022, AWS integration in GA in Summer’22, Anypoint Code Builder Beta in Summer’22, Code Builder Beta in Summer’22, Apex SDK for Slack, New Ranger Ranks, Community Tags and Ecosystem Certifications.

Flow in Slack

Build Slack-first automations with full support for Salesforce data and actions – in other words, the “clicks/low-code” capabilities within the new Salesforce Platform for Slack. You can take Salesforce Flow and connect it with actions in Slack.

For example, if the status of an Opportunity changes and users want to collaborate in a Slack Deal Room, you can automatically create this channel using Salesforce Flow.

Slack Actions: Turn time-consuming and manual tasks into fully automated workflows using low-code tools, e.g. creating Slack channels to collaborate with stakeholders or sending account status updates to colleagues.

Screen Flows: Build multi-step, guided workflows in Salesforce that can be reused within Slack, all with just clicks.

Flow in Tableau

To unlock the value of data, automation will close the loop between insight and action. In other words, Tableau will be integrated with Salesforce Flow, so users can trigger automated actions directly from a Tableau dashboard. It’s a big leap to unify these products. This is an announcement that will interest both pro-code and low-code Salesforce professionals, to advance business processes and eliminate the friction from having to flip between multiple applications.

Other Key new Tableau capabilities:

Flow Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology will be integrated into Flow. Bots are created using MuleSoft RPA – bots that replace repetitive tasks for any system or application, including PDF documents, spreadsheets, and even disconnected legacy systems.

RPA differs from, say, CRM automation, as it is used to emulate humans. RPA software is designed to interact with a system in the same way a human would, but automates high-volume, repetitive tasks. Salesforce recognizes that Flow will play a major role in empowering low-code individuals while alleviating developer workload.

Flow RPA is expected to be made available in the second half of 2022.

Flow Integration (MuleSoft + Flow)

MuleSoft announced tighter integration into the Salesforce platform, part of which will enable developers to create composable building blocks (i.e., APIs) that can be shared in Flow, for low-code professionals (such as Salesforce Admins) to use. In short: Connect third-party systems right into Flow.

Anypoint Code Builder

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Code Builder addresses today’s developer challenges by enabling them to easily compose their app, service, or customer experience — all within a single environment. This new IDE empowers developers to get started faster with built-in recommendations at design time. It also helps developers follow development best practices with a library of building blocks for common API and integration patterns.

Apex SDK for Slack

Apex SDK for Slack allows developers to write in Apex code they’re already familiar with, and automatically generate Block Kit. Salesforce developers can now build for Slack by bringing context to any custom Slack UI, effortlessly infusing Slack with Salesforce data and metadata, using Apex to fetch Salesforce records, creating reusable views, and routing events between Salesforce and Slack – all without middleware. Salesforce is also announcing Beta availability of multiple Salesforce for Slack apps — all built with Salesforce Platform for Slack — that enable teams to collaborate quickly, use real-time data insights to make better decisions faster, and simplify tasks with automations.

Apex SDK for Slack is Sales Cloud for Slack, Service Cloud for Slack and Marketing Cloud for Slack are now in Beta and expected to become generally available in June 2022.

New Ranger Ranks

Earn new Ranger learning ranks on Trailhead to showcase depth of knowledge across the Salesforce ecosystem.

Showcase Ecosystem Certifications

Display MuleSoft, Slack, and Tableau certifications on their profile alongside their Salesforce certifications for a comprehensive view of expertise.

Display Community Tags

Highlight the communities they are part of and career personas on their profile, to enable people on similar professional paths to discover and connect with each other .

If you’re interested in watching the TrailblazerDX videos, you can do so here.